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What is coaching?

Coaching is a development tool where an experienced person ('coach') provides support to a client/learner ('coachee') to help achieve their goals or resolve issues.

As a trained coach, I provide support by listening carefully and asking challenging questions, often pushing to maximise my client's potential.  Sessions can provide  empowerment and promote confidence as well as being reflective.  Worth noting for those not too familiar with coaching - it differs from mentoring in that it is not based on simply providing advice and guidance

Coaching can be a valuable and effective tool for everyday life situations;  needing that 'push' to move you forward, relationship issues, preparing for life events such as interviews, performances, dealing with negative emotions or conflict - the list is endless.


Some clients can resolve simple issues with one session; others may present with challenges requiring several sessions spaced apart, allowing them to work through.

Coaching can work harmoniously with hypnotherapy, or sessions can be arranged in isolation - use the 'contacts' form to request more info, and take advantage of a 20-minute complimentary consultation call explore further.

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